The UK's biggest estate agency event.
Where? Evolution London, Battersea
When? 5th November 2024
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PAPP Model

Identifying Key Resources & Processes


7th Nov -


  • Automation – know which processes are best suited to automation & learn quick wins
  • Partners – examples of partnerships that have delivered significant returns
  • People – restructures that have transformed business performance

Closely linked to the business model, PAPP explores different ways that agents are optimising their processes.

Investing in automation is one of the best ways to become more efficient and get more done with less, reducing the burden of monotonous tasks from your people, which can result in better customer service, fewer errors, higher compliance and less stress.

Finding more-qualified partners to provide critical functions can enable estate agents to develop the core capabilities of the people in the company that drive competitive advantage in our industry.


Ian Preston, Preston Baker Estate Agents
Preston Baker is a 5-branch agency dedicated to property sales in Yorkshire. The business never stands still – including the processes systems and people, which have changed radically in recent times. You’ll learn how motivation and productivity has sky-rocketed, market share is at an all-time high, six-figure cost savings have been found and cash is flowing as a result.

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Spencer Lawrence, Paramount Properties
Spencer runs the lettings operation of Paramount Properties, which operates across London from a single hub in West Hampstead. You’ll learn exactly what they’ve done to re-structure roles and responsibilities and find the right people and how it’s saved them tens of thousands in cost resulting in them bucking just about every letting industry trend.

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Anton Babkov, Rex Software
Rex is a software solution with a suite of services that organise and automate estate agency processes including customer relationship management, property management, social media marketing and website design. Anton will share ideas for getting more out of your technology.

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Andrew Reece, Reapit
Reapit is the original, end-to-end technology platform for estate agencies of all sizes. Trusted by over 78,000 agents in more than 15,000 branches worldwide, with over a million properties under management, Reapit is committed to consistently providing innovative, high quality technical products and associated services that support the success and growth of its customers. Andrew will share his ideas for getting more out of your technology.

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Get a different perspective on how to do things, get more confident with automation and become a better agent.