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TalkingForms by Barbuck

Be first to speak to valuable new leads and never miss a lead again!

We make sure our clients are the first to contact a potential lead, beating the competition to the customer and ultimately the sale. By taking enquiries from web forms, CRM, Social Media leads, lead platforms, and even emails; and instantly turning them into a phone call. Automating the lead follow-up process improves efficiency, increases conversion, and makes sure nothing important is missed.

Too many leads to cope with? It’s a nice problem to have but its only short-lived regardless of how optimistic you are. It’s vital to focus your staff efforts on the parts of their job that add value, and win instructions. TalkingForms help pinpoint the most valuable conversations and help to make them happen.

TalkingForms will instantly call your sales team to read the enquiry details to them, then connect to the potential customer. All this happens automatically in under 30 seconds.

While all agents know how important it is to speak to leads quickly, sadly only 50% of leads ever get contacted. When you consider 78% of customers give their business to the first company they speak to, it means that speed of service really matters to win business in a good or bad market.

Our mission is to help Agents do their job more efficiently, without getting in the way, to increase the chance of winning new business. We make sure agents have all the facts they need to call and win the customers business. TalkingForms by Burbuck speeds up any process and seamlessly integrates with your existing processes and systems, with no need to log in to yet another tool.

Web: www.barbuck.com
Web: https://barbuck.com/talkingforms-demo/
Email: sales@barbuck.com
Call: 0330 178 0076