The UK's biggest estate agency event.
Where? Battersea Evolution, Battersea Park
When? 10th October 2019
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Stand 38

BoomerangCRM is the leading provider of customer feedback using the Net Promotor Score as a way to measure your customer’s engagement within your business. We offer bespoke customer feedback strategies, allowing agents to increase referrals, improve market share and elevate revenue via our custom built NPS platform.

Our purpose is to help our clients create lifelong relationships by helping to identify which systems, processes and people perform well within your business and those which require work. Our targeted feedback is collected over the phone by our team of researchers who understand that in order to make strategic changes they must first gather detailed, specific feedback relating to your service. These feedback strategies identify, capture and record customer feedback at integral points during their journey with you. We can then assist you to identify the specific areas of your business which require improvements, therefore allowing you to focus your attention on what works well and which areas require further investment.

Using the feedback gathered by BoomerangCRM, our agents are able to differentiate themselves from the competition and promote the business from within whilst contributing to increased fees and profit margins.

Our custom-built online platform allows our clients to see how they measure up against the national average using BoomerangCRM’s unique benchmarking service. Using our bespoke database, we can then track and determine at which points your customers are overjoyed at the service they have received, or when they feel it could have potentially been improved. The feedback that we gather BoomerangCRM is relayed back to our clients in real-time.

We ask open-ended questions to your customers so that they can offer us honest feedback about their experiences, which in turn can help you identify which areas of your business need more time and resource spent on them, and which areas you are succeeding in!

To discuss our services in more detail contact us on 0844 273 2944 or email to


Exclusive Exhibition Offer!

BoomerangCRM will be offering all delegates who sign up at the EA Masters an exclusive offer in the form of two free Employee Engagement Surveys.

We will complete these at six month intervals following the signing of a contract with us.

Employee Engagement Surveys measure the level of engagement within your company, with the Gallup 12 questions as the metric to determine what percentage of the team are engaged, not engaged or actively disengaged.

How engaged are your staff?
Engaged staff will be passionate, which will ensure your customers buy into that passion… thus driving the organisation forward! It really is true that engaged employees will play a vital role in engaging and retaining enthusiastic customers.

BoomerangCRM will help you to understand your employees’ attitude, feedback, motivation and satisfaction.

Our reward exclusively for EA Masters attendees:

Free Engagement Surveys
BoomerangCRM will be offering all delegates who sign up at the EA Masters an exclusive offer in the form of two free Employee Engagement Surveys.

These will be completed at six month intervals, following the signing of a contract with BoomerangCRM.