The UK's biggest estate agency event.
Where? Virtual & Evolution London, Battersea
When? 23rd June & 21st September 22
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BreezeMove is an online digital platform designed to make home buying and selling better for consumers, estate agents, and conveyancers. Oh, and you get paid to use it!

BreezeMove streamlines the process by aligning all the parties into one centralised digital platform that is continually updated from offer all the way to completion. Every time a check point on our roadmap is completed the platform is updated and update emails are sent to all parties instantly. This way everyone has access to the most up to date and accurate information, reducing calls to and from estate agents and solicitors for updates.

Here’s how BreezeMove works

An estate agent logs a case and inputs the buyer and seller details, then an automated email is sent out from BreezeMove to invite the buyer and seller onto the platform. They log on with an OTP code, upload IDs, complete AML checks, fill in upfront property information forms and instruct solicitors all on the platform.

Both sides solicitors then have visibility of their client’s information so they can get started on the conveyancing process with clients pre-onboarded. We monitor the solicitors on our platform with our strict KPI’s for efficiency, holding them accountable to ensure the transaction is completed in the fastest possible timescale.

All parties have access to the same transparent checkpoint process, with updates time stamped meaning all parties can clearly see which side is responsible for the next stage of progression.

Why would an Estate Agent want to use BreezeMove?

  • Faster completions – Completions on BreezeMove average 11 weeks compared to the national 22 weeks for completion.
  • Reduced Fall -throughs – BreezeMove reduces fall-throughs by 59% saving wasted time and money.
  • Less chasing – with the increased transparency agents spend less time with chasing calls and emails.
  • Increased revenue – with faster completions agents can get more turns in the pipeline in addition to the referral fee BreezeMove pays on each successful completion

BreezeMove is a tool to help and compliment the amazing service estate agents deliver to their clients, sales progressors love being able to get updates for both sides and being able to focus on the unique aspects of an individual transaction instead of getting backed up with unnecessary chasing calls and emails.

BreezeMove is completely free for estate agents and their clients, you never pay us a penny. There is no additional overhead and no cost to start using the platform and we pay a referral fee to the agents for every case that completes.

If you’re an agent looking to speed up completions, reduce fall-throughs, and spend less time chasing and more time delivering the best service to your clients we would love to hear from you and show you how we make moving a breeze.

Call: 0151 345 6775

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