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Where? Battersea Evolution, Battersea Park
When? 10th October 2019
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Doctor Photo

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The first impression most buyers get of the properties you’re selling is created by your photos in the beauty parades we call portals. So, making your marketing images stand head and shoulders above those of the competition has never been as important as it is today. They’re being viewed on HD screens across the planet, and the property market is a little stickier than it’s been for a while, so unless they’re top-notch and attracting the best buyers, you’re probably not helping your clients’ or your brand very much.

There’s no such thing (unless you’re in a controlled photographic studio) as a photo that can’t be improved in post. Most photos can be made 20% to 30% better by artists using Photoshop so that you’ll attract more viewings and more sales at optimal selling prices. Awesome photos will also help attract sellers of the better houses available in your area. Nobody wants their £60k kitchen photographed to look like the lower deck of Noah’s Ark after a nasty storm!

If you’re not too busy selling houses and you have the time to learn Photoshop, you could, of course, optimise them yourselves. Alternatively, you could send them to where experts will hand-finish them for you.

We don’t just add blue skies and make your photos brighter (we call those Facelifts). We’re the longest established and leading UK full-service visualisation studio for estate agents and property developers. We provide…

Digital Surgery, (taking out cars, other agents’ boards etc).

Virtual Furnishing, (great for winning instructions on new property where the developer’s reluctant to rent real furniture).

Photo Visualisation, (digitally finishing part-built exteriors and interiors, visualising different decorative finishes and structural changes).

Full CGI, (showing planned elevations and interiors at low cost). We’ll also teach you how to photograph properties to a professional standard. You’ll get the images you want and you won’t have to charge your vendors anything upfront.

All our Facelifts are returned within 24-working-hours. We also offer premium/guaranteed 5-working-hour and industry-leading 2-working-hour services where you’re desperate to meet deadlines. If they’re not back when we say, then they’re FREE!

Digital Surgery – depending on their complexity these are returned at the earliest opportunity but 95% are back by the next working day.

Virtual Furnishing – these are usually returned within 48-working-hours.

Photo Visualisation and Full CGI services, allow up to a week but these are frequently returned much faster than that.

Our bespoke Internet application makes it so easy to send us your photos, we’ve called it EASy. That’s also short for Estate Agency System. Go to and click the Register link, top right of the screen. When the work’s been completed EASy will send you an email with a download link to let you know. There’s a Feedback link by each photo where you can ask us questions or tell us you’d like us to change something or whatever.

Call: 01483 474737

Our reward exclusively for EA Masters attendees:

Free guide to taking better pictures
Visit Doctor Photo to discover the five simple things that you can do to achieve Gold Standard images that will make you stand out from your competitors.