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Agents are increasingly being targeted by criminals looking to defraud you and your customers. We created Finch to stop agents from being an easy target and bring added security to your clients.

It’s all about how you communicate

Your customers are now the route hackers take to attack your business. There are over 600 million insecure email and phone accounts worldwide which are used to eavesdrop on your correspondence. Millions more are breached each year.

Email isn’t the place to exchange sensitive information, but in our 20+ years’ experience serving the property industry we see that agents often have no other option but to start using email to transact when their current technology tools are too slow, too niche, or too rigid to respond to changing regulatory and compliance requirements.

You can deliver impeccable digital customer service

At Finch, we’re building a library of digital transformations with the specific requirements of agents baked in. Never forget to collect information from your clients that you require to stay complaint. Automate your business processes and minimize the time your negotiators and valuers spend on progression. Report on every data point. Keep all the data exchanged secure.

Our growing list of turn-key solutions includes:

  • Landlord instruction onboarding
  • Vendor instruction onboarding
  • Property brochure, video tour & particulars approval
  • Change of bank details

Impeccable digital customer service is one where you are delivering relevant answers and value to your customers without them having to pick up the phone. Get additional opportunities to up-sell your services and empower your customers to convert.

Stand out from the crowd

Your people and your approach is your market distinction. Finch is an agent-first business tool which provides total control over what is put in front of your customer. Customize entirely one of our turn-key solutions or build your own digital transformations from scratch, no developers required.

“Finch workflows are helping us improve the accuracy of property details and the personal data we collect from our customers. The way Finch can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a business is impressive, and can dovetail into existing processes to create efficiency and improve the customer journey.”

– James Stefanie, Arun Estates

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