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Market-leading protection, secured with flatfair

Before flatfair, there was no secure and convenient way for landlords to recover end of tenancy charges from tenants; deposits were the only thing landlords could trust, and they are clunky, can take a long time to access, and are now capped at only five weeks’ rent.

flatfair helps landlords and tenants to settle end of tenancy claims quickly, fairly and securely without the need for tenancy deposits, whilst protecting everyone through independent dispute resolution where required. flatfair is designed to achieve faster lettings with fewer voids, a reduction in disputes, and an improvement in overall customer satisfaction.

flatfair’s No Deposit solution lets tenants secure a new home with just a small, one-off check-in fee equal to 1 weeks rent +VAT instead of having to provide a costly cash deposit, with any damages paid when it’s time to move out.  With the average monthly rent in England sitting at around £700 (and £1,400 in London), flatfair’s No-Deposit solution saves tenants having to find hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds every time they want to move.

The benefit to landlords is that letting their property to flatfair gives them up to an extra five weeks of protection compared to renting through traditional methods (10 weeks in total), totally free of charge. And agents setting up a No Deposit plan get a revenue share as well.

With significantly more protection being offered than similar deposit alternative providers, as well as faster payouts, and continuing to service any further losses that go above 10 weeks on top, we are confident that your landlords will love flatfair too.

“Since offering flatfair, we have received nothing but praise from our landlords who want to offer it on all their properties. Most of our landlords now say that they strongly recommend flatfair as it offers them the best protection, fills properties quicker and results in happier tenants”
Neil Andrews, Senior Lettings Manager at Spicerhaart

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