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When? 10th October 2019
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Enterprise Zone

Hipla is a government backed initiative, backed by HM Land Registry that helps estate agents get better qualified applicant leads. Hipla also helps agents to actively demonstrate this to potential vendors, so that they can use it to win more instructions and to also experience quicker transactions. And better, more consistent applicant data means more opportunities when prospecting, whether that’s for valuation instructions, mortgage or other 3rd party referrals.

If you can demonstrate to a potential vendor that your registered buyers are better positioned than a rival, so they can transact quicker with less risk, does that sound like a differentiator?

An evidence based qualification service

Using our simple framework, your applicant leads can pre-qualify themselves in their own time, providing and uploading data to evidence their own individual position. Cross reference it against information that you’ve verbally received, see a full breakdown of how much they can afford, how they’re funding this and how this compares to their maximum search price (which often differs) and a visualisation of their chain to assist with chain checking. Buyers can also upload AIP documents and we’ll automatically reach out to 3rd party agents to confirm the status of any property sale.

Making buyers better positioned

We also work with buyers to make them better positioned. We score them, we show them how they compare with other buyers looking in the same search areas and we then help and encourage them to work through a personalised set of actions. These actions always promote the services of your branch or your affiliated broker, solicitor etc.. and so we’re always using Hipla to independently promote your brand and to help you create the sale of ancillary services. And when your buyers do take action and improve their position, then you’ll receive an update in real time in your dashboard so you’re always working with the latest information.

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