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Inspect Real Estate

At IRE, we help people in property.

IRE is a technology company that specialises in creating digital tools for customers in the global real estate industry. Since 2011, we’ve been on a mission to help people in property by designing and developing user-friendly solutions to the problems that sales and lettings agents face day in, day out. Today, teams around the world rely on IRE’s digital solutions to help them generate new leads, optimise their workflow and future-proof their businesses.

The IRE platform
At the heart of IRE’s offer is an innovative digital platform. Brimming with a host of sought-after features, the IRE platform has revolutionized the way sales and lettings agencies go about their business. Among other things, the IRE digital platform helps you:

  • Attract, nurture and grow your portfolio
  • Complete lead qualification, applicant & diary management
  • Find quality applicants faster than other agents
  • Communicate faster & better with your customers and clients
  • Streamline applications

And that’s just some our platform. Our consumer products represent the missing pieces in the agent-property seeker puzzle.

Happy applicant, happy agent
Simplifying things for property seekers makes our customers’ lives easier. Who’d have thought? TenantApp is popular with tenants from Shoreditch to Sydney because it works. A major property portal in its own right, TenantApp allows property seekers to search for a home, book viewings and communicate easily with agents.

2Apply is our online tenancy application form. Customisable to the core, 2Apply helps lettings agents identify the perfect tenants for their properties. It also helps property seekers, who use it to speed up the application process and increase their chances of securing their dream home.

Don’t take our word for it…
“It took a lot for us to place our trust in you guys, but you’ve never failed us. The transition was seamless, the support has been great, and the platform has been a godsend, helping us with everything from responding to enquiries to keeping our key stock under control.”
Becky Munro, Belvoir Lincoln

If you’re looking to optimise your agency’s workflow, we can help.

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