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When? 8th October 2020
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Kerfuffle is the place to visit to choose the right prop-tech or suppliers for your estate agency business. Our website gives you access to almost 500 supplier listings, recommendations from other agents and access to useful resources that help you to identify the best suppliers for your estate agency needs.

We also negotiate exclusive Kerfuffle deals with suppliers that can only be claimed via our website. We’ve delivered significant cost savings for agents such as Paramount who saved £60,000, Lawrence Rand and Drivers & Norris both saved over £30,000 and Goldfinch saved almost £10,000.

Behind the scenes we have a team of industry experts offering consultancy services in the form of supplier MOTs – an opportunity to discuss your existing supplier chain, current business challenges and identify opportunities for improvements. Visit our booth during EA Masters for a free consultation and to claim your virtual goodie bag.

You can also claim your own Kerfuffle dashboard that you can use to:

  • keep track of your existing suppliers
  • monitor your spend
  • receive contract renewal alerts
  • use NPS scoring
  • create wish lists
  • submit and track enquiries with new suppliers

There are plenty more features on the roadmap too.

Claim your dashboard by clicking ‘Get started’ at www.kerfuffle.com.

When we launched, we carried out a survey of almost 650 agents and we uncovered some alarming stats:

  • 92% of estate agency business owners felt they had signed up to a supplier but didn’t do thorough research and regretted it. Frankly we don’t believe the other 8%!
  • On average participants underestimated the number of suppliers they currently used by over 50% with the average actual number being 20.
  • Just under 1 in 4 agents admitted realising they were paying for a supplier they no longer actively used.

So, let’s be honest – you need help. Let us do the hard work reviewing and prioritising those companies that will make a difference to your estate agency business. In this hugely congested space with new providers popping up all the time, finding time to navigate this maze whilst doing your day job of selling, listing, negotiating and managing your team is near impossible.

Don’t miss out on terrific opportunities to integrate brilliant new technology and services into your business and or from profiting from new revenue streams – visit www.kerfuffle.com

Web: www.kerfuffle.com
Email: simon@kerfuffle.it