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Estate agents across the country have supercharged their Land and New Homes teams with LandTech’s game changing software LandInsight. They are able to stay ahead of the competition as they have access to the most actionable data and insights in the industry. LandInsight has removed the barriers and inefficiencies in the land finding process, from acquiring ownership details to estimating sale prices using comparables, and more. Our software doesn’t just aggregate the information agents need to evaluate opportunities, it enables them to find and act on opportunities in any area, before the competition.

Not so long ago, finding off-market land was a painfully long and expensive process. Both, in terms of discovering the prospective sites (before the others) and undertaking the thorough research needed to properly assess them.

There are so many facts to check, from finding the site, assessing the commercial potential, planning potential, to checking whether the owner would sell and if so for how much. Consistently finding sites as an agent was a difficult task, especially for the smaller agent, as a lot of luck was involved. Then came LandInsight.

LandInsight has transformed land finding from a gambler’s game to a science. By aggregating all the information required to assess sites into one platform, we have reduced the amount of time it takes to assess a site by 80%. That combined with our deep search technology allows users to find and assess opportunities at a blazing fast rate. Land and New Homes teams across the country have centred their business models around LandInsight, as it has streamlined the entire land finding process. Our tools have enabled our users to make the right calls before itŇ s too late. It has given them the time and freedom to focus on the sites that matter by helping them assess and filter through sites at lightning speed. Ultimately, bolstering profits for users and speeding up the delivery of new homes.

Data transparency and new processes provide an opportunity to kick start a revolution in house building and LandInsight aims to be front and centre of this. Our technology has merged the physical and digital worlds so users can finally explore and discover new opportunities with ease and confidence.

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Our reward exclusively for EA Masters attendees:

Cut the time you spend finding and assessing off-market sites by 80% at our lowest price ever with our exclusive EA Masters offer. Access one LandInsight license for just £4500 or 2 licenses for £6000!