The UK's biggest estate agency event.
Where? Battersea Evolution, Battersea Park
When? 10th October 2019
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LCA Jobs

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LCA – listens cares advises

LCA is a recruitment consultancy with a difference – it’s about people, not positions. Talent, not tasks. And attitude, not actors.

LCA listens.
95% of LCA clients and 98% of candidates would recommend them to others. That’s because the people they place are the right ones for the job. No job goes into a search without a full understanding of what you’re looking for and no candidate goes into an interview without being fully assessed for suitability.

LCA cares.
LCA uses an exclusive system, developed over decades by behavioural scientists, to assess your role and the potential applicants for it. In that way, Lynn Cannell and her team can be confident that the person that turns up for your interview is going to be able to do what you’re really looking for – not just what the Job Description says.

LCA advises.
Operating in roles for all residential property, including sales, lettings and new homes, LCA has built a formidable reputation as a trustworthy and reliable source of talent. Alongside the quality of each candidates – and their relevance to the vacancy – what keeps clients coming back time and again is the genuine advice that the LCA team provides, advice that saves thousands on poor recruitment into the wrong roles.

LCA is going to be at the EA Masters, showcasing an exclusive service which crystallises your Next Key Hire. Whether it’s next week, next month or next year, your Next Key Hire needs to be absolutely right for your business.

Lynn and the team will consult with you, free, for a booked 15 minutes during a session break to help you understand the role traits and personality types that will add the most value to your business. Following the consultation, you’ll receive a detailed summary of what role your Next Key Hire ought to be and why.

It could be a new Director Partner or a Lettings Administrator. LCA’s principles of listening, caring and advising will identify where value is greatest for your business in your search.
This is a free, detailed consultation that’s personal to you and your company. It will not be a pitch – it will be genuine advice, offered honestly and without any obligation, to help your business to grow further and faster than it might otherwise do.

So book your Next Key Hire consultation at the EA Masters today. Simply call the LCA team on 020 8505 5444 or and lock in your slot at the event on 12 October. Your business will be better advised for it, whenever you might wish to make that next recruitment.

LCA – listens cares advises