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Proper PR

Formerly PropergandaPR, ProperPR is the only PR agency that is run by experienced property industry people. A team of property experts that know the sector, the movers and shakers within it and the journalists that cover it.

Russell Quirk and James Lockett formed the agency in 2018 to shout loudly in the media for their clients, grabbing volume press mentions for estate agents, lettings platforms, house builders, mortgage brokers, conveyancers, PropTech companies, co-working spaces, asset managers, build to rent specialists etc.

Why do I need PR?
PR is not advertising. It’s more important than that and is the means of conveying your brand name, building awareness and proving your credibility to your potential customers via third party validation in the press. We get The Times, The FT, Evening Standard, the BBC, TalkRadio, Prime Resi, PIE, EAT and so on, all talking about you and featuring your comments regularly. PR is about consistent familiarity – and so building trust.

Many big business icons have built empires predominantly through PR. We won’t have you driving a tank along Fifth Avenue or resplendent in a wedding dress to push your bridal wear company. Nor will you have to smoke weed on live radio as you diss your shareholders – but we will get you noticed and talked about, all the same.

“There’s only one thing worse than being talked about. And that is not being talked about”
Oscar Widle

You have to really know and understand the property industry to be able to create pieces that property journalists want to write about and that their audiences want to read.

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