The UK's biggest estate agency event.
Where? 2020 event will be held virtually
When? 8th October 2020
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So who are Rexlabs?

We are a product house that builds tech tools to make the lives of all estate agency staff better. This year at EA Masters we’ve got now got three great product solutions to save you time, build efficiencies and grow your business

Rex: Database and Marketing Platform
Spoke: Advertising on social media and online
Siteloft: Websites designed to drive estate agency leads

A bit about us

We are an 80-person team creating software solutions specifically for the property sector. We believe software should be easy to use, satisfying to work with and make you better at what you do.

With every Rexlabs product, we look for ways to strengthen human connection in the property space. We do this by simplifying the process of selling property using intelligent automation and workflows. The more time we can save you in admin and routine tasks, the more time you have to spend on delivering great customer experience and growing your team.

For the last 10 years, Rexlabs products have empowered agents across Australia and New Zealand to provide exceptional customer experiences. Two years ago we did the typical Aussie thing and packed our bags for London. Since then, we’ve been working intimately with a number of estate agencies all over the UK to localise our products. At this year’s EA Masters, we are introducing Siteloft – which joins Rex and Spoke in the Rexlabs UK product family.

Meet the Rexlabs product family



CRM, Workflows and Marketing Engine
It starts with a database of contacts and properties and expands into every stage of the listing and selling process. We’ve built and iterated on Rex over the past 10 years, using our own best practice approaches (developed in consultation with high-performing agencies across the globe) to deliver a whole-of-agency tool to:

  • amplify your brand voice,
  • put you in control over your processes, and
  • help you keep your promises.

Put simply, Rex is a whole-of-office solution for any estate agency that wants to create clients for life.

Find out more at rexsoftware.co.uk



A simpler way to advertise property on social media and across the web.

We’ve taken away the need for expensive marketing agencies, inhouse ad management resources and the frustrations of not understanding what Facebook or Google are doing next. All you need is the confidence to know that Spoke has got your back.

Spoke walks you through a very simplified 3 step process to create and launch ads across Facebook, Instagram and Google.

Find out more at spokeapp.io



When your competition is just one click away – it’s important you nail your online presence. Siteloft is a beautiful, 100% mobile responsive website builder that seamlessly links to your Rex CRM. Together, Siteloft and Rex help you capture and nurture potential clients from day dot. Of course, Siteloft can also be used as a standalone product.
In the four short weeks it will take to have you up and running, you could literally be generating enquiries in your sleep – and waking up to a list of fresh leads in Rex, ready to be actioned.

Find out more at siteloft.com

At Rexlabs, we’re innovators at heart. It’s our goal to deliver the best products, constantly improving and releasing new solutions to keep our users ahead. With tools for branch managers, negotiators, valuers and administrators, however you work – we’ll work hard to make our products the last you ever buy. If you want to hear more about how the Rexlabs product range can help your agency do more, with less, talk to Mark or Danny in our sales team today on 020 3885 2778.