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The Depositary

‘Wow! Game changer!’ – Scott Fraser.
‘Time efficiencies. Easy to use. Faster deposit resolutions.’– Robinson Jackson Group.
‘A real time saver. Very user friendly’ – Paramount.
‘Fantastic End Of Tenancy Process’ – Quealy & Co.
‘Improves the deposit return process for all’ – Cooper Green Pooks.
‘Well worth adding to your lettings operation’ – Ferndown Estates.

We remove 80% of your ‘end of tenancy’ admin whilst simultaneously delighting tenants with a transparent, simple, any-time online service. Easy to use and fully customisable our online app will transform your agency operations and delight consumers and staff alike. We expect agents and tenants to be equal advocates.

Whilst our primary concern is for the agents who are our clients and we know they will love the ease of the system and how much time & stress we remove from the day to day operation. However, tenants have accepted for far too long that the end of the tenancy process is murky and messy and stressful and horrible- once they see what this does they will be huge advocates of you and your agency. Testing to date has seen tenants give the platform a 90% satisfaction rating with 83% giving the deduction negotiation process alone a rating of ‘fair & transparent’ – when was the last time you had a tenant say that about deductions? Never…..?

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Our reward exclusively for EA Masters attendees:

Don’t miss out on our start up subscription rate of £50 plus VAT per month (subject to portfolio size) with no set-up fee. We will lock your initial 24 month term at this amount. From January 2022 our pricing increases to a minimum of £75 per month with a £250 set-up fee.