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TouchRight provides simple, easy to use property reporting software, designed for property professionals. Our Award-winning software helps property managers produce property reports with ease, saving time, paper and adding even more value!

Create a host of bespoke custom property reports with a few simple clicks, using the web and mobile app to complete a report at a property. Or to help with social distancing concerns, use the option to create a report over-the-phone/Zoom/FaceTime in the office or send a report to the tenants for completion in a remote, self-service way.

We’re passionate about saving wasted admin time and keeping reports away from the printer, whilst moving reports along the tenancy timeline. Here are some of the key TouchRight features below:

  • Custom templates – digitally transform your current paper reports or make full use of the custom template builder for all your property management reports i.e. routine inspections, inventories, check ins, check outs, HMO, maintenance, Legionella, HHSRS, FFHH, block inspections, BTR and more. We’re here to help with this service.
  • Report linking – allows you to ‘see what you said last time’. Ideal to make sure tenants aren’t breaking any tenancy clauses or to keep an eye on contractors work. Great for inventories and check outs, plus it also saves the need to print reports.
  • Reporting – making use of linking allows ‘comparison’ or ‘changes’ reports to be produced, which are ideal for disputes or follow up actions, as previous report information and photos are instantly accessible.
  • Remote reporting and comments – give landlords and tenants the option to complete, review, comment and sign reports remotely, providing an end-to-end paper-free solution with real-time updates, time-based reminders and a full history log. Plus options to convert comments straight to repair issues.
  • Copying – copy whole reports, rooms or text boxes. Great for inventories when properties are similar or the bedrooms are the same. A great time saver!
  • Tag issues/repairs – tag maintenance issues in the app or dashboard. Perfect for keeping on top of property maintenance and generating issue reports that can be sent to contractors. Can also be seamlessly pushed to Fixflo.
  • Photos – unlimited photos can be added at no extra cost. Also all photos can be enlarged to full size, which is helpful in the event of a dispute, plus it saves the need to print reports. The dispute services like this feature!
  • Lone worker protection – a unique TouchRight feature that allows users to send custom alerts from the app, including a map location.
  • Integrations – we have an Open API and currently connect with Acquaint, agentOS, QubeSLM, Reapit, SME Professional, Fixflo and Signable. More integrations coming in 2021.
  • Kerfuffle – 5* reviews – “TouchRight is such a great product, I can’t recommend it highly enough!” Belvoir York

A Yorkshire-based company, we serve customers around the UK with our #Proptech cloud-based solution. If you’re looking to maintain high quality property reporting services, get in touch to hear how property professionals are working smarter not harder, to deliver a first class service to their landlords.

Call: 01904 390109

Our reward exclusively for EA Masters attendees:

Book a demo during the EA Masters events and get 50% off your monthly fees when you sign up to a subscription plan.*

* Fee discount valid until the last event on 3rd November.