The UK's biggest estate agency event.
Where? Battersea Evolution, Battersea Park
When? 10th October 2019
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View Agents

Enterprise Zone

View Agents is the UK’s first Estate Agent Portal with an array of information about individual estate agents and agencies.

We de-commoditize estate agents, as they are not all the same.

Our platform enables agents to market themselves, communicate their successes and inform sellers and landlords why they are great at selling, letting & managing property.

Estate agents can also manage online image & reputation using our invitation-only review platform.

We already have over;

  • 19,000 estate agencies listed
  • 3,500 individual estate agents
  • 22,000 estate agent reviews
    Plus much more

We value and respect estate agents
“I have been an estate agent for over 20 years.

I considered myself a hard-working, knowledgeable estate agent. Working weekends and taking calls from clients at all hours. I invested in training to develop my skills & better myself as an estate agent.

I turned a job into a career.

The most frustrating thing is that estate agents are the 4th least trusted profession in the UK. Why?

I’m on a mission to turn this around. I want our profession to be seen as skilled professionals whose work is valued and respected. I believe we need to be better at communicating to sellers & landlords about who we are and what we do.

I want sellers & landlords to have an array of information about local expert estate agents to make an informed choice.”
Domenic Versace
CEO – View Agents

We help sellers and landlords choose an estate agent. View Agents has an array of information about local expert estate agents to make an informed choice.

Estate agency is as much about people and relationships as it is about property.

Official launch 12th October 2018 at the EA Masters. Here is a sneak peek of what’s to come