The UK's biggest estate agency event.
Where? Battersea Evolution, Battersea Park
When? 10th October 2019
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Stand 48

Yomdel designs and delivers world-class customer experiences, for modern, customer focused businesses, who want to differentiate on service.

From market research and mystery shopping services that define your optimum customer experience, to fully managed 24/7 live chat products that deliver exceptional service from you to your customers, Yomdel offers market leading business growth functionality where it matters. The customer!

5 years ago, Yomdel pioneered high quality, fully managed live chat services to the property sector, and now serves over 2500 businesses across the UK, and is now the market leader in Australia too. In addition, today Yomdel offers 24/7 voice call and email support, with social messenger channels coming on stream this year too.

In April 2019 Yomdel brought Live Email to market – a 24/7 live, personalised response service for all portal generated enquiries/referrals – giving agents a guaranteed 100% response rate to all portal enquiries, and a significant means of improving their return on portal fees. Responding in real time to a customer enquiry is proven to increase conversion rates of online enquiries by 50%.

Yomdel Insight Services, which include Market Research and Mystery Shopping, uncover insights and customer truths for your business, and also measure and benchmark your current customer satisfaction levels. Yomdel ensures you take the risk out of decision making and identifies exactly what steps to take to improve your customer experiences, differentiating you from your competition.

Partnering with UK property market businesses, in 2018 Yomdel services delivered an average of 32% incremental revenue through client websites and improved customer experience, with a staggering 18:1 ROI.

Yomdel’s service approach is first and foremost ‘quality’, naturally leading to a total focus on success outcomes for your business. In short, we grow your business in line with your targets.

Call: 01403 616000

Our exclusive offer for EA Masters attendees:

For EA Masters 2019, Yomdel are delighted to offer every visitor to our stand a FREE mini Mystery Shopping package. No-one will be left out.

It’s a single branch, one-per-business offer that includes a full web enquiry and telephone enquiry to the branch of your choice, carried out during October and November 2019.

Results are personal to you of course, and strictly confidential, and they will give you crucial insight into the Customer Experience that you deliver to enquiring customers.

Using Mystery Shopping as a positive training and development tool is proven to deliver additional revenue to a business. Customer Experience is an investment that modern, ambitious businesses prioritise highly as a route to competitive advantage and business growth success.

We hope a modest taster of this powerful business tool will show you the potential it can have for your success.

IN ADDITION: Come and HAVE A SPIN of our Yomdel WHEEL of FORTUNE at Stand 48, where there are a selection of random prizes to be won for you or your business. From product upgrades to free trials, and of course plenty of Yomdel socks!