The UK's biggest estate agency event.
Where? Evolution London, Battersea
When? 5th November 2024
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Simon Whale  in conversation with Peter Knight – A Kerfuffle exclusive for EA Masters

Access this EA Masters video series where Chief Kerfuffler Simon Whale and EA Masters Founder, Peter Knight, discuss some of the themes and topics that are being covered throughout the EA Masters programme.

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Business models have changed and monthly recurring revenue can add a huge amount of value to a business. What opportunities are there for estate agents to add recurring revenue to their business?

Project Management First

Is it time for agents to get into the mindset of ‘My business needs to think PM first?


The best agents are the ones that are delivering CX 4.0 to customers. Is you agency delivering CX 4.0?

Out before In

Is your agency looking at both outsourcing and in-house options that are available to you? Peter and Simon discuss the future of the estate agency model and the depth and quality of suppliers in the market.

Marketing Pyramid

‘The Marketing Pyramid’ is made up of essentials, nice to haves and wows. Which ones should your business to be focusing on?

Tech before Human

What is the future of tech in estate agency and should business leaders’ approach be human first or tech first?


Simon and Peter discuss HEMP and its relevance in the modern business world.

Man vs Machine

As tech has evolved so has the role of the estate agent. What is the current relationship between tech and people in modern agencies?

Ancient & Modern

With several different business models of estate agents currently in operation, what really is the most effective? Does it actually matter which one you choose for your agency?