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When? 8th October 2020
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Arti Halai

The Real State of Presentations.


13:45 -



Marketing Stream

  •  We all play roles in life but real connection and trust with your audience comes when you can show them who you really are. Discover the tools and if you are brave enough to use them.
  • Presentations are not about creating layers but stripping things back to basics, which takes real skill. Learn a simple and effective formula that will enable you to do this quickly.
  • Learn the importance of how to use your physiology to change your energy levels when delivering your message

Information overload. Distant communication. Remote presenting. All realities we face, today and the foreseeable future.
The presenter’s landscape has changed but the best presenters know success is dependent on the power of just three things:
Authenticity means the world today, so learn to shed the ‘role’ and reveal the real ‘you.’ Attention spans are short so creating a clear structure and succinct, memorable messages will make you stand out from the competition. And finally, energy is the force you need to deliver your messages with maximum impact.

Arti spent more than fifteen years working as a television presenter, reporter and producer for some of the UK’s largest organisations including BBC, ITV, ITN News Channel and Carlton.
She is an expert in media, communication and presentation skills training.
Arti regularly shares her insight and expertise with Property Academy estate agency and supplier members to help them achieve amazing results, quickly!