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Where? Virtual & Evolution London, Battersea
When? 21st September 22
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Helen Sharman

Headed for the stars


09:50 -


Main Conference

  • What are the characteristics that helped Helen beat 13,000 hopefuls to become Britain’s first astronaut in space?
  • Understand how vital we are to each other, the qualities which build real collaboration and the importance of contributing what you can.
  • How to embrace adaptability to change & trust in technology.

Helen was selected from over 13,000 hopefuls who applied for her job. The final selection was based, in large part, on how well the astronauts worked together. Helen broke new ground for Britain. She was motivated to do a good job, to the very best of her ability, and to enable others to do the same. Having undergone 18 months of rigorous physical, mental, and linguistic training, Helen was selected as the “prime astronaut”. On 18th May 1991, she blasted off into space aboard a Soyuz spacecraft to become the first British astronaut to leave the planet and spent 8 days orbiting the earth.

In addition to speaking, Helen is President of the Institute of Science and Technology and Operations Manager for the Chemistry Department at Imperial College London.