The UK's biggest estate agency event.
Where? Evolution London, Battersea
When? 5th November 2024
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Agents Together

“This was the best experience so far in my life.”
Anastasia (Agents Together Mentee)

“The single best thing that’s occurred in my 36 years in the industry”
Jason (Agents Together Mentor)

“I had a massive negative weight on my shoulders and it has been replaced by a guardian angel, my mentor!”
Anonymous (Agents Together Mentee)

Together, we can achieve anything.

Our ambition is to help estate agents both personally and professionally.

We are conscious collaborators, we are positive change makers and beyond all else we are human.

In this ever changing, ever more uncertain environment we all find ourselves in, at Agents Together, we are wholly focused on helping people within the property industry have the healthiest mind and healthiest business possible.

All our activities and initiatives are driven by a passion for helping people, we strive constantly to deliver ideas, tools and resources that support our mission to create an enjoyable, sustainable future for all people and businesses within the estate agency industry.
Sarah Edmundson, CEO

We offer a variety of initiatives for free. Be part of our unique community — benefit from and contribute to what we do. It’s making a real impact and we’ve only just started…

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  • Find out how to Thrive in the workplace
  • Embed Mental Health and Wellbeing in your business
  • Join the community

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