The UK's biggest estate agency event.
Where? Evolution London, Battersea
When? 5th November 2024
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The 8x2 Comms Plan


7th Nov -


  • The 8 stakeholders & importance of 2-way communications
  • Campaigns that generate leads
  • Creating a conversion machine

During tough times, you may be tempted to become more insular. Budget cuts often affect external marketing comms disproportionately, causing you to become more distant from the market including current and past customers. You may also become more guarded with the individuals and teams that work for you and withdraw from industry events. Building & maintaining a brand that stakeholders trust, recognise and want to be associated with, is crucial to reduce risk & ensure survival. Ultimately, communications are grounded in empathy, generosity, connection – being in tune with the people that you seek to serve.

The EA Masterplan identifies 8 areas of communication:

  • The individuals who work for you
  • The teams who work for you
  • Your existing customers
  • Your past customers
  • The market
  • The industry
  • Yourself


Mark Ross, Redbrik Estate Agents
Redbrik is a 4-branch agency offering sales, lettings and land and new homes services. It’s an exceptional business for many reasons, not least the fact that they achieve 105.1% even during a period of downward pressure on house prices. Redbrik outperforms the market because they are absolutely world-class at marketing. You need to see it to appreciate (and emulate) it.

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Heather Staff, Street Group
Street Group launched in 2016 and quickly took a position at the vanguard of the future of estate agency, modernising not just the process of selling and letting property but also the process of moving home. Today, the business does over $9M in annual recurring revenue (ARR) and is a case study in how to launch and grow a successful business. Helping agents to effectively communicate sits at the heart of every solution that they develop. Interest in hearing about lead generation tactics that are proven to generate a 67% increase in success rate and 240% increase in ROI? Then buckle up – and that’s just the start of it!

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