The UK's biggest estate agency event.
Where? Evolution London, Battersea
When? 5th November 2024
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Panel Sessions

Incisive interviews with industry leaders


7th Nov -


  • Royal Tevelvison Society’s Interviewer of the Year quizzes leading estate agents to uncover the secrets of their success

Seasoned Broadcaster & Journalist Dermot Murnaghan joins the line-up at EA Masters, to chair the expert panels and ensure that we get straight answers and meaningful insights from every contributor.

The debates he chairs, which cover steps 4-6 of the EA MasterPlan (Business Model, Process & Communications), will drill into the specific actions and initiatives that have enabled contributors to eliminate their concerns over lack of stock, rising costs, cashflow, staff shortages.

Murnaghan has been briefed to leave no stone unturned in getting to the important details that will enable the audience to take concrete steps towards achieving similar outcomes for their own businesses.


Dermot Murnaghan is a broadcaster and journalist of high repute. He stood down from Sky’s flagship news show earlier this year following 16 years in the hot seat, during which time, he interviewed every major politician and prime minister and he is well known for his incisive interview style.

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