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Inventory Base makes property reporting simple with our multi-award winning, industry leading software.

Designed and built for the residential market; Inventory Base is a unique cloud platform and mobile app for scheduling, producing and managing property inventory and inspection reports on the go or in the cloud.

An end-to-end platform for effective property management and reporting; assign reports to internal staff, external suppliers or even tenants to complete self-service reports or contactless check outs.

With our software you can complete detailed, professional reports with embedded photos on-site faster than ever before with features such as rapid fire camera software and in-app audio dictation.

Inventory Base is the UK’s leading provider of cutting-edge software solutions that streamlines property reporting, drives efficiencies and enhances user benefits.

As an approved industry supplier to Propertymark, our innovative platform is purpose-built for the residential market and provides an end-to-end solution for efficient property reporting and compliance.

With Inventory Base, you can assign reports to internal staff, external suppliers, or tenants for self assessment and contactless checkouts, creating effortless workflows and processes to complete important and vital compliance documents.

Our intuitive software boasts powerful features like rapid fire photos and embedded video, in-app audio dictation, and quick-text shortcuts allowing you to complete detailed, professional reports with embedded evidence on-site faster than ever before.

Fully customisable dictionaries, reports, and templates, along with live calendars, diaries, and digital signatures, make capturing everything offline a breeze. Compatible with all devices, you can upload completed reports directly to clients, landlords, and tenants as you leave the property, saving you time and streamlining communication.

With easy to use options at every turn; you can choose the best solution for you and your business:

  • Prefer to keep things in-house? Inventory Base offers a complete end-to-end property software solution to produce reports in-house. Assign to your own property managers to complete new tenant move ins, midterm inspections, check outs, audits and assessments of your managed properties.
  • Want to maximise your reach? Add your own contractors and inventory providers to your team to assign reports to, or outsource your jobs via Workstreams to access a pool of local, vetted suppliers already using Inventory Base.
  • Do-it-Yourself Self Service: Assign property inspection reports directly to your tenant or client to complete via your system, with simple, customisable templates for self service Interim Inspections, contactless maintenance diagnostics, Health & Safety checks, and Fitness for Human Habitation templates included.
  • Live Inspections: Set up live streams with residents to inspect a property, monitor maintenance issues or diagnose remotely and virtually from the comfort of your desktop. With your experienced staff at the helm; you can capture high quality photos as residents show you around the property or site, creating actions and designating tasks before the end of the call.

Unlock your potential with InventoryBase Pro

Our Pro modules are packed full of features that enable powerful automation, backed by unique customisation of property forms and workflows, connecting clients, suppliers, third-party software and CRM’s together to automate your property visit end-to-end while ensuring every detail is accounted for and efficiently managed.

Properties Pro
With Properties pro, you can automate appointments and workflows, customise property data from multiple sources, and streamline property management tasks. Advanced maintenance and issue management provide quick access to historical audit trails for compliance and effective management.

Teams Pro
The ultimate solution for managing remote teams, our Teams Pro option enables advanced scheduling, workflow, and special features. Easily organise and manage user groups, track availability, and process contractor payments. Our software provides complete visibility and control over your team’s activities, ensuring seamless collaboration across offices and regions.

Clients Pro
Inventory Base software helps you tailor services to meet clients’ needs by creating report templates, configuring pricing, and automating invoicing and payments. With Clients Pro, you can show live availability and personalised email notifications, clients can easily book services and our powerful automation and customisation options give you a competitive edge, build better relationships, and improve client retention.

Dashboard Pro
Using Dashboard Pro; you can gain valuable insights into account activity, performance, and analytics across your entire property portfolio and client base. Enhanced customisation and detailed audit trails make it an invaluable tool for gaining a deep understanding of performance.

InventoryBase Connect
Our solution, InventoryBase Connect, works with Pro options and features to solve the problem of combining in-house resources with multiple external suppliers, centralising property documentation and certificates in one central platform that integrates with your existing CRM.

Whether utilising in-house services or outsourcing to suppliers; InventoryBase Connect communicates with everyone in the chain from staff to tenants, agents to suppliers, transfer of external data to the CRM one place /one solution.

Key Benefits
Along with paperless and offline reporting, side by side comparison reports and pictures, video, 360 compatibility, a host of tools and features available in app on online, Inventory Base brings a ton of value to help you to:

  • increase productivity
  • reduce admin time
  • control costs
  • streamline workflows
  • increase efficiencies
  • deliver effective services

Don’t just take our word for it! This is what customers are saying about Inventory Base:

“Extremely reliable, versatile and with the possibility to customise endless types of reports, perfectly working on desktop and mobile, I could not imagine our business without this app.“

“Inventory Base has made our inspections and inventories so much easier with everything in one place and easy to access!”

“A fantastic work tool that makes creating inventories a cinch. Without doubt the market leading app for inventories. Easy to use, fantastic capabilities and top notch customer service to back it up.”

Join us for a FREE 14 Day Trial and a personalised demo to see exactly why over 200k registered users rate us as their No.1 preferred UK partner for effective reporting and property management.

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