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Keyzapp is the multi-award-winning Key Management platform for estate agency.

Handling clients’ keys can be intensely frustrating, time-consuming, and insecure. Keyzapp makes it swift, easy, and effective! With contactless smart fobs, cloud-based software, and unrivalled industry expertise, every agent can be more confident, compliant, and productive.

“With Keyzapp… Key Management is no longer a bugbear, but actually rather fun!” – Sarah Emmerson, Strutt & Parker.

Is your team struggling with a paper logbook, spreadsheet, or finding your CRM is never up to date? Do you often hear the phrase “Who has the keys!”?  Have you ever thought “There has to be a better way”?  With Keyzapp, there is…

Unlock the 3 secrets of Key Management:

1. Make everything as fast and simple as possible
With many different people handling keys daily, even the slightest “friction” could lead to mistakes that are costly or embarrassing later. Contactless fobs make short work of issuing and returning keys. They also ensure you know exactly who did what and when.  Some agents call Keyzapp “Google for Keys” because it’s that easy to see where all your keys are, all the time.

2. Adapt to your people, process, and environment
No two agencies manage keys the same way. That’s no exaggeration. Unfortunately, most tools force you to cram a square peg into a round hole. The result? Inconsistencies creep in, corners get cut; your key log ends up unreliable!

Keyzapp supports the way you organise, store and code your keys. It needs no special equipment, and has options for everyone, whether you work from the tiniest cupboard space, or a giant key room. Most agents choose fobs personalised to their brand, budget and numbering system. Even these can be left out if the software alone is all you need.

Keyzapp integrates with a number of property CRMs to make getting started and ongoing management even easier.

3. Keep everyone accountable and get keys back on time
Every key leaving the office is a potential future headache… The faster keys come back, the better. The job of monitoring overdue keys is tedious and often forgotten, so Keyzapp does it for you. When keys are late, keyholders get chased. If further action is needed, staff get informed. You can customise every alert sent to reflect your policy and brand.

Getting the above right puts you in complete control, with total accountability amongst staff and contractors. You’ll save real time and money, and maximise daily efficiency.  Most people are amazed at the difference!

Will it work for you?
Keyzapp is used by thousands of professionals worldwide, winning several awards, and rated 5* on Kerfuffle. Let us connect you to some of our existing clients and you can ask them yourself! You can also trial Keyzapp risk-free.

As an EA Masters delegate, you can claim FREE branding and 15% off your first year’s subscription.

We’re looking forward to meeting you.

“Keys have been a problem in every agency I’ve worked in… except this one!” – Andy England, Hunters

Call: 03300 88 55 00

Our Delegate Reward exclusively for EA Masters attendees

Make tracking keys a headache you no longer need to worry about.

To help you along, Keyzapp is offering free branding for your smart fobs (worth £120) and 15% off your first year’s subscription for anyone who visits us at the EA Masters and signs up before the end of the year.