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Landmark Estate Agency Services

Landmarks’ Estate Agency Services division is the home of LandmarkAgent (formerly Compliance in a Box by ETSOS) and Metropix floor plans.

Our mission is to help Agents deliver faster transactions with greater certainty and less risk. Our range of services help keep you compliant, whilst enabling you to list your properties faster.

LandmarkAgent – from instant online AML checks to fully integrated or outsourced compliance, our range of tailored solutions help you stay on the right side of the law, whilst saving you time so you can focus on core agency functions.

Metropix Floor Plans – the quickest way to produce your marketing plans, enabling you to include a floor plan on every property and get it on the market quickly. Our 3D upgrades can also add a new dimension to your listings by bringing your 2D floor plans to life, so they stand out from the crowd.

Quick Sale Ready Service – speed up your transaction times with our No Sale No Fee Search Packs, enabling you to prepare documentation and order searches earlier in the process.

No Sale No Fee Auction Packs – Get your properties to auction faster and generate additional revenue with absolutely no risk.

Landmark have been providing solutions for over 20 years to address the daily pain points experienced by property professionals. Today, our quality apps, services, and data are an integral part of the industry, touching 97% of all property transactions and enabling millions of people to move home each year in England and Wales.

“We like how simple and user-friendly the products are and the service is always excellent”
Tom Skelley, Nock Deighton

Call: 01524 220013

 Our reward exclusively for EA Masters attendees:

Claim your free no-obligation AML Compliance Consultation (worth £175) and let’s check that you’re ticking all the right boxes in order to comply with regulation. We’re also offering an exclusive 50% discount on our AML Packs for 3 months. Simply visit our virtual booth to find out more.