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One Utility Bill

Your day shouldn’t be taken up by sorting tenant utilities. Take the hassle out of utility registration with One Utility Bill, and deliver a fantastic tenant experience, too! We make things as easy as they should be for you, earning you a commission and saving you time.

We can organise the utility bills for your tenants, with our handy bills packages. Tenants simply put all of the services they want into one package, with one monthly payment split equally between housemates.

One Utility Bill isn’t the top-rated utility company on Kerfuffle (4.9) for nothing! Here’s how our Notify service makes everybody’s life easier.


Utility registration has never been easier, faster or more profitable.

Save hours of time with our free Notify service. Simply enter your tenant details into the Notify portal whenever there’s a tenancy changeover, and the One Utility Bill team will notify all suppliers (energy, water and council tax). You earn a commission for every property registered with more than 4 days’ notice.

All new tenants submitted to Notify receive a welcome call to let them know their current utility suppliers, their options for switching, and the option of a One Utility Bill package. Your commission is paid for every move in registered, not per sale, so you get your commission either way!

Why Agents Love Notify:

  • Guaranteed commission. The earlier you submit, the more commission you get per property!
  • Save time. Enter details once and all suppliers are notified! No more time sitting on hold or faffing with loads of paperwork.
  • Happy tenants. Easier bills and full knowledge of their options from the very beginning.
  • Easy integrations. We’re integrated with Reapit, Acquaint, Rightmove Referencing and SME Professional so you can register utilities with just one click.

Here’s what agents and tenants have to say about us:

“I’m really pleased with the service, the stress and hassle of dealing with utility providers has been removed and the transition has been very smooth. It’s even better that we earn commission too!”
Joplings, Lettings Agent

“Been with One Utility Bill for years now. Gives such peace of mind that I only pay one company one time a month. Relieves a lot of stress and hassle. Can’t recommend enough!”
Mark, Tenant

Call: 0191 694 1256