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Pattinson Auction

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Auction By Name. Secure Sale By Nature

Seeking to change the landscape of property auctions in the UK, Pattinson Auction has set a course to make auction a more viable method to sell one’s property, whilst also ensuring their Partner Agents can demand a respectable fee for a job well done.

Surrounded by myths and misconceptions, auction has long been a naughty word when mentioned to most estate agents and property sellers. With the input of training, educating and coupled with fluid tech’ Pattinson Auction are steadily helping provide another consideration and in doing so are achieving a larger market share for the auction space.

Property Auction after all is selling houses. So why don’t more estate agents get involved and do it? Perhaps a lack of understanding. Maybe shortage of time. Don’t have the resource. Or simply do not know where to start. These reasons we have heard so often before. And we have the solution to remedy every reservation. Without the need to employ new staff, alter existing software, acquire additional office space or diluting your own brand, Pattinson Auction will help increase your turnover and help add another property service string to your estate agency bow.

Estate agents are today working in an ever increasingly competitive environment, in which clients demand better service, delivered more quickly and at a lesser cost. Our auction facility enables your business to deliver on all client wishes, but without the “lesser cost” demand impacting your fee. In short, its a win win.

We take pride in being one of the larger property auction services in the UK, and yet considered to still be under the radar, all due to our desire to ensure our Partner Agents gain the recognition for their auction department which we merely powered by Pattinson. Supplying the local estate agent with their own auction outlet, we recognise this is key to having auction offered to more sellers at more valuations to offer more choice and help our Partners secure more instructions.

What many estate agents STILL believe:
Only distressed & poor-quality property are being sold at auction.

How our successful Partners utilise the auction facility:
Being the estate agent, which is offering their clients a Secure Sale route.

Take five minutes to speak to us today and really understand how your agency could benefit from a free service designed to speed up transactions, minimises fall throughs and pays healthy fees.

Also, did you know how being Partnered with the UKs fastest growing Property Auction Company will gain you access to sell auction listings all over the UK, and be passed Instructions, as part of our ‘Property Passback’ & ‘Right To Sell’ partnership schemes.

Call: 0207 867 3382

Our reward exclusively for EA Masters attendees:

Book and attend an appointment at any of our Virtual Booth’s to discuss the property Auction offering and partnership opportunities with Pattinson Auction, and we will automatically enter you into a prize draw to WIN £500 worth of shopping vouchers.