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Where? Evolution London, Battersea
When? 5th November 2024
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Sales Progression, Reimagined.
Less hassle, More completions

Rello provides estate agents with the perfect blend of people and technology to transform the sales progression process and deliver more sales, faster. Stepping into the void between clients, conveyancers, mortgage advisors and estate agents, Rello delivers sales progression, a live information feed about the case, client support to help de-stress the moving process, and exclusive access to a VIP group of conveyancers who are 5 star rated and proven to deliver faster completions. All this, and it won’t cost you a penny!

Problems we solve for agents

  • We save agents time by taking on the task of building the chain and gathering each party’s information and status.
  • In-house sales progression is a costly and time-consuming process. To do it well takes full time focus, and understandably many agents don’t have this additional time to spare. Leave it to Rello and our team of expert sales progressors to pick up this vital task.
  • The Rello chain visualising tool shares new information with all parties in the chain, updating where all buyers have progressed to, 24/7. You’ll never again be left thinking “what’s the hold up?”
  • The Rello exchange tool helps to sync up possible exchange dates for clients so that with a few taps, the whole chain can be ready to exchange.

“We have found Rello to be so effective in our business; they are always on hand to offer helpful advice to our clients and their extensive knowledge of property progression ensures a smooth, fast process and offers tremendous peace of mind to all parties. We would highly recommend partnering with Rello to add another arm to your business profile and offer yet another great service to your clients.”
Branch Partner, Urban & Rural

Ready to see the difference Rello can make to your business?

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