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Simplify is the UK’s largest conveyancing and property services business. Formed in 2019 when My Home Move and The Simplify Group came together, combining a rich history of success, innovation and customer service. Comprising of six law firms, APL, Cook Taylor Woodhouse, DC Law, Gordon Brown Law, JS Law and Premier Property Lawyers, as well as a panel of over 300 local law firms, Simplify offers the best in Conveyancing Sales, Conveyancing Delivery and Conveyancing Technology.

Best in Conveyancing Sales

We have two unique ways to enable you to sell conveyancing to your clients. Choose from our ‘Self Quote’ model, which gives you 24/7 access and your negotiators can handle all or part of the sales process; or choose our ‘Referral’ model, where our dedicated team of sales specialists act on your behalf to chase up leads. Both of these models ensure that all opportunities are maximised and can increase your conveyancing income by up to 100%.

Best in Conveyancing Delivery

Thanks to our six law firms we can offer you a ‘Direct’ delivery service that covers the whole of the UK. We’re open 7 days a week, with 24-hour online access through our eWay service, ‘a no move, no fee’ guarantee, a team of conveyancing experts dedicated to your clients and additional AML solutions. Our white labelled offering also means that you can provide your clients with a seamless service, backed up by exceptional customer care.

In addition, our national Panel of 300+ law firms offers a traditional high street service powered by innovative technology. So, if you’d rather work with a local solicitor and enjoy the benefits of online case tracking and account manager support, we can deliver that too.

Over 100,000 individuals and families use our conveyancing services annually and thanks to our customer care, powerful technology and expertise, we average a Trust Pilot score of 4.5 across all our brands.

Best in Conveyancing Technology

Our multi-award winning eWay and ieWay services provide complete case transparency for your clients as well as unapparelled access to sales progressions. This is powerful technology, accessed via an app, that puts you and your clients in control 24/7. eWay is currently used by 90% of our home mover clients and ieWay is available to all of our estate agency partners. Not only will you be able to view case developments anytime, anywhere but you’ll also be able to see how your branches and individual negotiators are performing against set metrics.

Property Sales and Asset Management – providing over 10,000 property opportunities

Our Property Sales and Asset Management team work with a network of national and regional house builders, lender repossession experts and probate specialists. This means we have 000’s of corporate property opportunities available annually – opportunities that could be yours. So, if you’re looking to increase your listings from this area, we can help.

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