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SMS Speedway

We are the original text messaging company, we exist to be the invisible 24/7, 360 day a year employee your business and companies need, so you have a constant reliable service.

We cover mobile, multi channel and email communication, appointments, surveys, secure documents to send to people remotely, remove frequently asked questions through chatbots, Identity checks,
All in neat little packages ready to set up and use through our website.

We have a powerful belief that everyone deserves to be connected, in the smoothest and fastest way possible.

We have over 12,000 clients, trusted by 300 brands and deliver to 124 countries. We have the experience, efficiency and trust of our long time clients, some of whom have been with us for decades, to bring seamless communication between your staff and clients.

We make a difference to your business, maximising your business so you can focus on individual customer needs, while having a professional flair and branding you don’t get with other service providers, at customised costs to suit each unique business.

Call: 01228 217222

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