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Where? Evolution London, Battersea
When? 5th November 2024
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From aquanauts to astronauts: First Briton in space joins speaker line-up at EA Masters

We recently announced that John Volanthen, British aquanaut who led the Thai cave rescue mission that gripped the world in 2018, and portrayed by Colin Farrell in the recently released Hollywood film Thirteen Lives, is speaking at EA Masters on 21st September.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Helen Sharman – first British astronaut – has joined the speaker line up for this year’s event, which is themed A New Dawn in Estate Agency.

“I was struck on the one hand by how ‘normal’ Helen is” said Sarah Kemp, Event Director for EA Masters. “She grew up in Sheffield where she attended the local ‘comp’ and comes across as very ‘down-to-earth’, which is a bit of an oxymoron for someone that spent 8 days orbiting the earth in the MIR Space Station.”

“She was chosen from over 13,000 hopefuls for the mission, following a rigorous selection process. Her story is about as far away from normal as it gets, but reminds us of the potential in all of us and I feel fortunate and excited to have the opportunity to hear Helen’s first hand account of space travel, how she came to be selected and what the experience taught her.”

Helen is a remarkable individual whose ‘can do’ attitude and strong sense of self-belief are as inspiring as her experience. Those who attend Helen’s keynote at EA Masters will gain tips on how to acquire a different set of leadership skills to succeed in the new dawn, including: how to trust in technology, the importance of collaboration and how to spot and foster the qualities required for effective teamwork.

Following her space flight, Helen has gone on to become a science communicator and award-winning corporate speaker, travelling the world to deliver inspirational talks on teamwork, Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematica (STEM), communication and motivation.

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